The Five Must-Haves for your College Fridge

While you may be tempted to fill that dormroom mini fridge with beer and only beer, there are going to be times in college (like breakfast) when Miller Lite just won’t suffice. So, you may want to stock that fridge with other necessities to get you through the day. You don’t have much room in that shoebox they call a fridge so you must choose your items wisely.
Below is my list of the five MUST HAVES that got me through those hungry, fun and crazy college days. And don’t worry; there is still plenty of room for the beer.
1. Ramen noodles. While not the best food for your figure (sodium overload and absolutely no nutritional value), it’s great on a budget (you can get something like 10 boxes for $1.99). Throw in some veggies and you can have a quick and cheap stir-fry.
2. Salsa. This condiment spices up casseroles, nachos (which are a PERFECT drunk time/late night snack) and even omelets and eggs.
3. Velveeta. Great for sandwiches, mac & cheese (an essential college meal) and melting into a bowl for dipping animal crackers (You think I’m nuts, but just TRY it!).
4. Brita. I never thought this was necessary until I got to college and realized that natural tap water is filled with some seriously nasty gunk. Nothin’ that’ll kill ya or anything, but still, not the best stuff to put into your body (as I’m currently slugging back a vodka/seltzer – ha!). You can get an easy maintenance one at Target, Walmart and other similar stores.
5. Red Bull. Everyone has those nights where they need to pump up and rally. Red Bull, otherwise known as speed in a can, will do the trick. Chug one of these guys for a night at the library, or a night on the town; it will get you through and leave you feeling fantastic.
Those are my five little must-haves. What are yours?

No Matter Your Size, It Is Time to Get Fit
No Matter Your Size, It Is Time to Get Fit
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