Dorm Room Decor: Spruce Up That Boring Room In Style

Besides all the sucky-ness that moving has to offer, it does have on hell of a silver lining: DECORATING!That’s right ladies – whether you get to trick out a house, apartment, townhome or dorm, you get at least one special private room that will reflect your amazing style. Not only will your boudoir be your locale for sleeping (or not sleeping, wink wink!), it will be where you study, get ready, pre-pregame, watch trashy TV, and lie in bed doing nothing.
No doubt it will be as fabulous as you are, but in case you needed some help getting started, here are some of this years’ hottest decorating trends.
Robin’s Egg Blue on Chocolate Brown
This pairing of ultra-pastel and super dark is per.fec.tion. Aim for a super rich brown in a luxurious fabric (or one that looks luxe, for way less and pair with super soft, silky sheets).
The palest shades of blue look amazingly tranquil on your walls and expand your room, no matter how itty bitty it may be.

By mixing crazy textures or prints all in similar colors, you can add depth to these pretty, pretty colors.
For accents and decorations on your walls, stick with shades of bronze and gold to warm up the blue and play up your brown pallete.

A funky, intricate selection of accessories keeps these colors feminine–beware of going ultra-modern, because these colors can look masculine if left too bare.

Black, White and Purple All Over
Black and white is always classic, edgy and cool. Throw a rich, royal purple into the mix and you’ve got a sexy, lush vibe goin’ on.
For a sophisticated, urban look try a deep plum semi-gloss for paint (but only if your landlord gives you the OK);

For a more playful look choose a brighter purple like the one below:

Tip: If your room is tiny (as so many of ours are), experiment with painting only one wall, or adding an inexpensive chair-rail and painting only the bottom half.
For your bedding, stick with black and white so you don’t overpower the walls. The simplicity of this combo will pop against your vibrant walls, especially if you choose a great graphic.

For your accessories, choose sleek, contemporary designs in black, white or nickel. Keeping things like lamps and bedside tables simple keeps the focus on your sweet bedding with the gorgeous walls as the perfect back drop.

For finishing touches, keep a look out for bold picture frames and crystal finials or curtain tie backs to add some sparkle.

Sunny Side Up

Nothing can put you in a good mood like happy, sunny yellow. Choose a very pale shade (it will be waaay brighter on your walls!), because going too citrusy will make your eyes water.

You can use your bedding to determine which direction you want to steer your room’s theme. By picking an airy, frilly coverlet you lend an ultra-girly hint to this pretty pastel.

If you choose a buttery gold, your room will always look like it’s glowing and gleaming, giving it a bright, bold feeling.

Again, use your accessories to customize the look you want your yellow to take on.
The best way to score quality stuff without blowing your budget is to comparison shop. Check out Target, Walmart, and K-Mart. These stores all have great home departments with fabulous accessories at great prices. But don’t forget about discount retailers like Ross, Marshall’s, and Stein Mart; you’ll find expensive department store stuff at discounted prices.
No matter how you decide to decorate your humble abode, just keep a few simple things in mind.
1) Determine your color scheme
2) Find your bedding.
3) Match your paint color(s)
4) Personalize with accessories
5) Have your friends help – grab a bottle of wine and some friends for a painting party.
Happy Hunting, and enjoy your beau-ti-ful new room!

To Rush or Not to Rush, That is the Question
To Rush or Not to Rush, That is the Question
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