Pre-Party Songs To Get You In The Mood

There’s a party tonight that you’ve been dying to go to, but your energy level is way low. You can’t even get up to find pants.
Maybe because you haven’t stopping partying for the past 3 days? It’s OK – it’s Welcome Week.
But it’s not OK, because even that Red Bull you chugged isn’t working. And you really wanna go out.
The solution? Music, duh.
Invite a few of your girl friends over to help ramp up your partying spirit: throw back a few cocktails, put on your party face, and listen to this awesome mix. If this doesn’t get you goin‘, get back into bed. You are dunzo for the week.
1-Burning Down The House-Talking Heads
Start off with a karaoke-worthy song that you can sing along to.
2-If You Steal My Sunshine-LEN
Forever one of the most upbeat songs of all time.
3-Last Night-The Strokes
A song you’ll want to bob your head to, but be careful if listening to it when putting on eyeliner.
4-Ready For The Floor-Hot Chip
A danceable song by a new British electropop band you’ll want to recommend to the DJ (a fantastic pick-up line!)
5-Fire It Up-Busta Rhymes
Bring in some 90’s tunes while you’re fixing your hair.
6-Hey Ya!-OutKast
A song you’ll never want to stop dancing to, no matter how many years old it is.
7-Paper Planes-M.I.A.
Take a shot for every gunshot sound effect. Just kidding! You’ll probably pass out before you get to the party, or the end of the song.
8-Electric Feel-MGMT
You’ll want to keep your ears tuned to this indie rock band from Brooklyn long after you’ve pre-gamed, gamed, post-gamed, and nursed your hangover.
9-I Believe In A Thing Called Love-The Darkness
There’s nothing better to put you in a good mood than laughing your ass off at your friends’ attempts to hit the high notes.
10-Fuck the Pain Away-Peaches

If you’re still living at home, you might want to turn down the volume on this raunchy tune. Otherwise, pump it up. This is a great song to end your pre-game time with. It goes on a little long, so shut it off whenever you’re ready to head out the door.
Don’t have all these songs? You can listen to the mix at (our newest obsession).

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