The (Un)Official Guide to College Loungewear

College girls spend so much time focusing on finding the perfect pair of “classroom to club” jeans or comfy/cute campus shoes that they often forget about the clothing they’ll spend the most time in: loungewear.
Many people don’t realize that after walking around campus breaking in those new skinny jeans or working hard at that killer internship that the first thing you’ll want to do is throw on something comfortable upon dorm/apartment arrival. Here is a guide of what to look for while shopping for new loungewear.
PJ’s: Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear your pajamas to class! No matter how cute/expensive they are, nothing screams “I don’t give a sh*t about how I look” more than rocking a pair of ‘jammies to your Chem lecture. This may be acceptable for some of you who have super early (Read: 8 am) classes and labs, but try to wear them sparingly (and absolutely NO P.J.’s of any kind after noon); it’s kind of hard for your professor to take you seriously when your bottoms are covered in violet tiaras and have the word “Princess” inscribed on the butt in fuschia fabric glitter.
Wearing your pajamas are definitely okay in your dorm, since very few people will see you in them (and if they do, they will also be wearin’ em). Just remember to be smart about your pajama options, since you never know what you’ll have on when fire alarm inevitably goes off at 3 a.m. (Note: racy lingerie will not keep you warm as you sit outside for an hour). Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line is pretty much the official wardrobe of most college girls, but American Eagle’s Aerie collection also offers pajamas in simple plaid and polka dot patterns in soft, but not too girly, colors.
Sweats: Sweats are a college staple, but these should also be used sparingly, since sweats can go from ho-hum to homeless in mere seconds. They are perfect for class, studying, lounging, eating, errands…and the occassional low key night of drinking. These can be bought pretty much anywhere and come in all different styles and colors. The comfiest pair of sweats I own actually are a couple sizes too big and came from a sporting goods store, so keep your eye out for a reliable pair of sweats during all shopping excursions.
Yoga Pants: Usually reserved for the gym/yoga and pilates classes, these babies are starting a become a campus norm. I must admit that these are my longewear favorite; I feel my absolute sexiest in a pair of yoga pants and basic fitted tee in an attention grabbing color. A good pair of yoga pants can outline your curves without cutting off your circulation, so make sure you try them on before buying them. So Low pants are a college girl classic, but this type of pant can easily be purchased in the Ladies’ Sportswear section of your local Target or Walmart store for a more reasonable price.
Hoodies: Hoodies are pretty much a part of the required college kid wardrobe. They can easily be be paired with sweats and pants and can be bought from just about anywhere. Other than collegiate licensed hoodies, VS PINK and Delia’s both offer hoodies of various colors and prints.(Note: VS PINK now has Collegiate Collection of hoodies and sweats paired with logos of certain well known schools. Check to see if your school is included here)
Have a little fun with your loungewear shopping; make a day trip out of it with your girls and don’t forget to shop around for different styles and budget friendly prices. Still need a little guidance? Briana of College Fashion has selected a few of her loungewear favorites.
Just beware: the Freshman 15 doesn’t feel so bad when you are only donning elastic waist pants. Try throwing jeans and other real clothes into the mix to avoid getting too comfortable.

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