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Five Foods I Cannot Live Without (No Matter How Bad They Are For Me)


[I swear this is not a PMS list — though after compiling it I realized that’s exactly what it looks like.]

This is my tribute, my thank you, my ode to certain foods for being so delicious (albeit not very nutritious) that I consume them in mass quantities and therefore am forced to spend far more time at the gym than I’d like. In no particular order the foods that I’d do anything for are:

1) French fries: Regular, sweet potato, waffle, frozen, deep fried to crispy, baked – I don’t care how they were cooked or in what form I get them, but I need them and I need them with like half of a bottle of ketchup. They’re vegetables though, right? No matter how much I eat, I always always always have room for fries, whether I order them or you do. I especially have room if you ordered them and I got a side salad.

2) Nutella: It’s really versatile if you consider all of the pairing options. Fruit like strawberries and bananas are begging for Nutella and it’is fantastic on bread or waffles or crackers. I am such a mixer that I also add it to ice cream and cake and you can use it in pies to line the graham cracker crusts with chocolately goodness (well, I do). Despite the mixing options, my favorite way to consume it: off of a spoon, straight from the jar.

3) Peanut Butter: It’s normally good for you because of the vitamin E and because of fiber and protein as well, however, the way in which I consume is it anything but healthy. Because usually I chase spoonfuls of Nutella with PB. Seriously the best sandwich in the world is peanut butter and Nutella on toasted potato bread. My favorite PB brand is Peanut Butter and Co. because not only is natural peanut butter simply amazing, the good people there have found ways to incorporate dark chocolate, white chocolate, honey and maple syrup in their already delicious PB to enhance the peanut butter experience.

4) Cookie Dough: It’s the perfect food because whether you consume it raw or cooked it all, it equals the most yummy thing ever. I remember one night making a dinner entirely of raw Pilsbury chocolate chip cookie dough. And I remember the day that I discovered that some genius put cookie dough in ICE CREAM. Sweet, sweet perfection. Despite my allergy to wheat, I still get my cookie dough fix because they make some pretty great gluten free varities. Score.

5) Fritos: Dipsy Doodles (or any other corn chip for that matter) never compared. God, I love Fritos. Scoops (the best because they are the biggest), regular, whatever, just give me Fritos. Especially after all of that Nutella and cookie dough. Frito Lays people, if you read this – please make a scoop the size of my face. Because I’d totally try to finish that.

Does your top five look anything like mine, which is carb and sweet chocolate and salty carb/fat followed by more sweet with chocolate and salty carb/fat?