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Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!


Can you believe Michael Jackson is 50?

I know! He doesn’t look a day over batsh*t nuts!

But MJ wasn’t always a middle-aged white man; he actually used to be the King of Pop. I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself dancing to one of his bajillion hits (most often at family bar mitzvahs):

Billie Jean

Black or White



That song from Free Willy (God I love that song)

He has been in the business since he was a wee little boy and now, 50 years later, his music has stood the test of time.

So, in honor of the Moon Walker/Young Boy Stalker’s birthday we bring you our favorite Michael Jackson tribute video.

If there is one person who can make us love the Thriller dance more than Michael himself, it is this lovely lady:

When my mom moved me into my dorm freshman year she left me $65 to buy a humidifier. I took that money and bought a pair of heels because I can sleep without damp air blowing in my face, but I can't rock a humidifier with a hot black mini.