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McCain’s Vice-Presidential Pick – Romney or Palin?


Once thought a longshot, Republican Alaskan Senator Sarah Palin is now on a plane to potentially stand at McCain’s side. Also leavin’ on a jetplane is Mass’s Mormon Mitt Romney. Ohhhhhhh the tension is killing me, but we have received some great insights from interns that we know who work at some real publications.

If Obama had tapped (politically speaking) Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney would be the VP bid to try and match her fund-raising firepower. Since Joe Biden is in, the Republicans can now pick a female VP and look (and this is a direct quote), “progressive in the ever-changing political landscape where all citizens have equal representation and a global voice.” Gosh, I wish I could write pretty like that.

Who do you want (politically speaking of course)?

Either way, at about noon, we should be hearing who is on the ‘Straight Talk Express’ and who is flying home in coach. I can only wonder where Bill Richardson disappeared to in all of this clamor, but I guess his work in Homeland Security and the fact that 85% of Americans don’t feel any safer kinda’ worked against him. Sorry Bill.