Boxing Should Be the New Beer Pong

I remember my life before I discovered Franzia and its wine-in-a-box counterparts. I was developing a hunchback from lugging a backpack full of Keystone cans around campus, hopping from dorm party to dorm party. Or, I would spend an arm and a leg on bottles of Bacardi (and the mixers to go with it), only to go through a whole bottle in one night after my friends had passed shots around the room.
At some point during my college career, I discovered that wine is stronger than beer and more consistent than mixed drinks, which are super weak at many stingy bars.
Wine became my go-to drink.
When I moved into an apartment with a fellow wino, we quickly realized that even 1.5 liter bottles of wine went too quickly, so to save gas on packy runs, we became avid boxers.
Boxed wine is completely underrated by many collegiates across the country. In the wine world, Franzia may have a bad rap, but come on; we’re college students. We have no money. We drink a lot. And we aren’t opposed to drinking Dubra when times are tight, so why exclude boxed wine from our list of libations?
In many states, wine comes in 5-liter boxes. That’s FIVE LITERS of booze for about $15. Depending on how much (or how little) you drink, that can easily be split throughout the night between you and your five closest friends, or you can suck it down yourself and not worry about another liquor run for a week or two. If you can’t find a 5-liter box, you’ll still be set with the “smaller” size box, which contains three liters of fermented grapes.
Instead of filling a water bottle with Captain and Coke and hoping the rum-soda ratio is strong enough to give you a buzz, but not so hard you black out after three sips, fill a bottle or two with boxed wine! It’s easy to transport, and you won’t have to shell out extra money for mixers. (On a side note, Chardonnay is the strongest white wine, so if you are looking for a party, skip the Sunset Blush.)
Even if you forego the ghetto water bottles and just lug the box around all night, it’s got a handle, and the box will get significantly lighter as the evening progresses. Just ask my roommate, who took a full 5-liter box of Sangria to a party and proceeded to drink it dry in one night (and lived to tell the tale).
The best part about boxed wine is that, like beer, it has inspired a plethora of party games. You can take the plastic bag of vino out of the box and have someone hold it for you and twist the spout for an insta-wine funnel. A variation of this sport is “Slapping the Bag,” in which you (or your friend) repeatedly – you guessed it – slaps the bag while you chug. This sounds odd, to say the least, but it’s so popular that the term “slap the bag” has become synonymous with the action of drinking wine in a box.
Cheap, portable and tasty? Maybe you should give boxed wine a try.

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