Cooking Diva Spotlight: Cooking for Two

I have posted what seems like a million small-batch recipes here at CC, and I’ve adapted the vast majority of them from this book. If you live by yourself or with only one other person, you like good food, you don’t mind cooking, and you can only have one cookbook, buy this one. You will NOT regret it.
There’s absolutely everything in here, from general small-batch advice to a lowdown on ingredients to winning recipes of all kinds. And every recipe in here is truly excellent. I can’t stand fat cookbooks full of thousands of recipes that obviously were never tested, meaning you have to dig through the whole book to handpick the recipes that may have the potential to be edible.
Not so with Cooking for Two. The authors, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, have really tweaked every recipe, and it’s obvious. The ingredient amounts are right on, and you can expect fantastic taste with everything you make from here.
I can’t say anything specific about the seafood section since I don’t eat seafood, but the casserole and poultry sections really shine. Also, many of the recipes can be adapted for slow cookers to make them even easier!
The desserts aren’t bad, either—they’re not quite of the caliber you’d find in a book that’s specifically about baking or sweet things, but who wants to bake three dozen cookies when this book will show you how to make just six wonderful, warm chocolate-chip espresso cookies? Mmmm. Yes, please.
I suppose the only word of caution I would offer is about the ingredients. If you’re not into substituting (which works for many of the recipes in this book), you may have to go to a couple of grocery stores or specialty shops before you’re able to find what you need (dried shiitake mushrooms, for example). In my opinion, the authors really go too far when they ask you to track down quail eggs, but I just ignore them whenever they do that. As a sub, you can easily whisk up an egg and just take a couple of teaspoons out of it.
You can get this book used for pretty cheap, and it’s soooo worth the money. YUM!

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