90210 – Love It or Hate It?

After much anticipation, the new 90210 debuted last night. Personally, I was way against any show that would attempt to do the original series justice – because it is the best show of ALL TIME – but I sat down and gave it a shot. What a mistake. From the minute the new theme song started playing (“Is this the Maroon 5 version?” my friend asked) I was o-v-e-r it.
The acting is awful, the fashion is awful and Naomi, the evil girl character, looks like a poor man’s Jesse Spano. Oh, and the whole gossipy blog thing that Kelly Taylor’s (somehow brunette/brooding) little sister writes looks a lot like Gossip Girl. But not nearly as awesome.
I give this show one month until The CW replaces it with America’s Next Top Model marathons. I only give it that long because fans of the original, like myself, will be watching to find out if Kelly Taylor’s baby belongs to the one and only Dylan McKay.
What do you think?
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