Sex Is Great. Safe Sex is Best.

Here at CollegeCandy, a lot of the writers are constantly criticized for their sexual choices so much that the word “slut” can be found in just about any article related to sex. Other females (and some males) feel that it is important to pass judgement on others who do not share the same beliefs and practices as themselves.
I am one of the many college girls that sees no problem in being young and enjoying a little (or a lot) sex every once in a while. But as thousands of college freshmen are planning on partaking in some type of sexual activity once arriving on campus, many of them will forget about the most important thing: being safe.
On a recent outing with some girlfriends, we encountered a group of men on a street corner belting out bible verses and holding large signs displaying all the things God supposedly hates (pre-marital sex, homosexuality, drunkeness and so on). As one of the men saw us walking by, he stopped mid-verse, turned to us and said “Did you know that 1 in 4 teen girls will catch in STD?” We all looked at him in disgust and walked away (the nerve!), but secretly I wanted to hang my head in shame, because I was the one girl he was referring to.
Before I left for college I never really thought much about hooking up in college. I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart and had no interest in seeing any other boys. I just laughed as my mother handed me a box of generic condoms, told me to be safe and kissed me goodbye.
Things started out pretty normal at school, until one night. I was in the middle of a pretty intense hookup with Derrick*, a laid back fellow freshman who was the complete polar opposite of my arrogant and popular ex. A friend of a friend, we constantly found ourselves at the same parties and happened to find ourselves alone one night. After some chatting and a couple of beers we decided to go back to his place. He was great in bed and had no problem with wearing a condom, except for oral sex.
So we continued to hook up on a regular basis. And everything was fine, until I visited my gyno during Winter Break only to find out that I had contracted HPV.
I was so hurt, ashamed and angry that I couldn’t bring myself to cry. When I called to Derrick to inform him, he told me that he was fine (many guys assume this since many of them don’t show symptoms) and that I was just another dirty slut. I felt depressed all the time and even thought about suicide; I felt that I didn’t deserve to live any more because I made such a stupid mistake and had became just another teen statistic, something I told myself would never happen.
After keeping my situation to myself for so long, I finally had to courage to tell my best friend what happened. Between comforting me and quieting my sobs, she told me that 1. My life wasn’t over and 2. If I just took care of myself I would be fine.
Today I’m doing somewhat better. I’ve been eating healthy and exercising to regulate my immune system, but I’m still coping with the fact I’ll have to live with the virus forever, unless someone miraculously finds a cure. Months after my diagnosis I find it very difficult to approach guys. I’m not sure how or if I will tell a guy about it, should we decide to have sex. I constantly find myself wondering how I could have gotten this, despite my efforts to be safe. I try to live my life like a normal teen, but every time I think about sex my HPV status stays in my head as a constant reminder.
So go ahead and call me every demoralizing name possible, but your harsh words are nothing compared to the numerous mental beatings I’ve put myself through. I hope that every fellow girl reading this will realize that you are not invincible, and that by not protecting yourself my story could easily be yours. So please , wear a condom every time you have sex (including oral and anal) and don’t be afraid to talk to you doctor about getting tested for STDs every couple of months. It’s important to truly consider who you want to have sex with, since HPV can be transmitted, even with the use a of condom.
(For more info on HPV/Genital Warts click here)

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