Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston’s Baby Pics Are Scary

(And we didn’t even have to pay $10,000,000 for ’em)

So, I’m tired this morning. All that Democrat bashing and baby hair licking at the Republican National Convention last night kept me up late. Since I can’t get productive until this Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte kicks in (yes, they are back!), I decided to peruse the interwebs for awhile.

And boy did I find a gem.

Want to know what your baby would look like if you could somehow seduce Brad Pitt or Michael Jackson? Want to know if you and the BF are gonna have ugly children? What about the ex and his ugly new whore?

Just plug the photos into this site, wait a mere 30 seconds (much better than nine months of morning sickness) and, voila! A baby.

I don’t really want kids – in fact, I spend a lot of money not to – so I decided to see what my pals Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston’s baby would look like. You know, cuz they are gonna have one in a few months, even though he made it abundantly clear on his MySpace page that he doesn’t want any.

She’s got her daddy’s forehead and her momma’s mouth. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have her grandma’s political views.

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