Candy Dish: Sarah Palin at the RNC! Britney Spears at the VMAs?

Will she or won’t she? Apparently she will.

Sarah Palin is pitbull…with lipstick.

What the cast of 90210 is really saying.

Trend alert: bell sleeves are back?

For those of you who missed the RNC last night, here is the highlight.

Teen mothers unite!

Paris Hilton has a documentary. About her life.

Lily Allen: the next Amy Winehouse?

He’s a mother f—ing redneck!

We want all these bags for fall. All. of. them.

Want to major in death?

There is nothing as sweet as revenge…especially when it involves crabs.

Cindy McCain’s $300,000 outfit.

Tyra scares us, so we couldn’t bring ourselves to watch and blog the ANTM cycle 1,257 premiere. Get the rundown here.

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