Letting It All Hang Out – Farting in Front of Your Man




It’s all gross, which is why we do it in the privacy of our own homes. But, when is it OK to stink up your boyfriend’s bathroom or let him in when you’re peeing? Is it ever okay to poop or fart in front of your man? Let’s discuss.

I have been in a relationship for roughly eight months now and, while my boyfriend sees no problem with shoving me in a dutch oven, I personally haven’t been able to pass wind in front of him…yet. He was always very open with his bodily fluids in front of me – and I love him for it (“it” being that he feels comfortable with me, not the smell of his farts suffocating me under the covers). However, men definitely hold a double standard with females regarding the pooping/farting business.

While we haven’t crossed into the “me farting in front of my man” part of our relationship yet, we have gotten into the, “he pops into the bathroom when he knows I’m pooping,” situation. I normally yell and shriek for him to get out and he laughs and gives me my privacy. I don’t care if he comes in while I’m peeing – I have always been comfortable doing around him – but #2 is a whole different story.

There is a part of me that thinks you can get too comfortable with a significant other; I want him to find me sexy and a foul smelling bathroom situation may prevent that.

A girlfriend of mine has been dating her boyfriend for over four years and she still has never pooped or farted in front of him. 4 years! Some say that keeps the romance alive, others say its creating boundaries for your relationship. (Editor’s Note: I think it causes serious stomach cramping, but that’s just me.)

Some guys have no problem with the farting; they simply think its funny or could care less. Some guys are always freaking out when they hear girls talk about the bodily functions. “Girls don’t poop!” they scream. But we do, so why are we forced to hold it in when our boys are around?

What do you think ladies? Have you ever stunk up his bathroom or ripped a big one in front of your boyfriend? How did he react?

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