Project Runway Rundown: Don’t Feed the Leanne-imal

I’m not gonna lie: I was drunk when I watched Project Runway last night. It’s not my fault; there was a two-for-one special at Happy Hour and I can never turn down a two-for-one. That being said, I think I need to be drunk every Wednesday night because, 1) pizza tastes so much better after some vodka/soda, and 2) I actually enjoyed last night’s episode.

The challenge this week was to design an outfit for Diane Von Furstenberg’s fall collection. HOLY SH*T! OMFG. WTF?! ROFL!! (Sorry…that last one doesn’t fit, but I just got carried away.)

DVF is a fashion icon. She’s huge! I would sell my first born child to wear one of her dresses. And everyone was super excited to get to work with her, especially Kenley who has never designed for someone that big before. Except, of course, K-Mart and Wal-Mart. In fact, she was so excited she cried. Three times.

Too bad that enthusiasm didn’t translate into her boring dress that I could totally make (and I’ve never even touched a sewing machine). Oh, and Kenley, let’s not tell Ms. Diane Von Furstenberg what is missing from her collection, K? Don’t forget: you have K-Mart on your resume. The end.

Joe, on the other hand, clearly had no idea who DVF was and must have confused her with some sort of dance recital costume designer, cuz he sent some uuuugly shiz down that runway. Joe, I know that I should support you considering you are from Detroit (word), but you suck. You don’t understand women and there is something to be said for the fact that the only challenge you won included drag queens. I can’t wait for the day when there is no one a smidge suckier than Joe so he can finally go home.

Stella attempted to use the DVF aesthetic in her design, which, of course, failed miserably. Having Stella design business attire is like having me turn down a free cocktail. It’s just not right. And the judges agreed.

Stella is sent home (to Ratbones), most likely on some sort of motorcycle. Leanne-imal wins yet another one with a beautiful gown that I would totally get an Amex for. This boring/seemingly always stoned designer (who I totally confused with the other boring librarian chick for the first 3 weeks) is totally the sleeper in this cast; she is quiet, weird and a total snooze-fest, but she always comes from nowhere and totally shows the rest of the designers who’s boss.

You go girl. Rarrr.

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