A One-Night Stand With The Guys of Entourage

Sundays haven’t been the most exciting for TV watchers this summer. When it comes to evening shows, we had the choice of “Parental Control” on MTV or reruns of Law and Order (Criminal Intent, SVU and the classic) on every other network. But not anymore.
TV is coming back with a bang tonight. Not only is there an extra episode of “The Hills” delighting LC-obsessed girls worldwide, but we also have the VMAs, and, of course, the return of Entourage!
I. can’t. wait. It has been waaay too long since the last time I got to follow the life of Vinny Chase and the rest of the boys of L.A. So long, in fact, that I haven’t even been having my usual “steamy night with Vincent Chase” dreams. And I miss those.
The truth is, though, that Vincent isn’t even the only one worth fantasizing about. Every guy on the show – including Turtle – is well worth a roll in the sack:
Vincent Chase – He’s hot. End of story.
Ari Gold – He’s a dirty talking business man who will fulfill your fantasies of wiping all his sh*t off the desk, throwing you down and doing naughty things to you in the middle of the office.
Eric Murphy – He’s a hard worker who will do anything to succeed. Success in the bedroom = an orgasm for you.
Turtle – He’ll get you high on the best weed in town. After that, the sex doesn’t really matter.

Johnny Drama
– The sex may not be that great, but he’ll make you a gourmet breakfast in the morning.
Lloyd – He probably…er…most definitely doesn’t want to sleep with the ladies, but he would be a great gay best friend to snuggle with on Sunday mornings.
Which guy of Entourage would you want one night with?
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CC Will Be Live Blogging The VMAs Tonight!
CC Will Be Live Blogging The VMAs Tonight!
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