CC Will Be Live Blogging The VMAs Tonight!

Let’s face it: after a weekend filled with endless games of beer pong and multiple shots of whiskey, there is no better way to spend a Sunday night than with an order of Pad Thai and the train wreck that is the MTV VMAs.
And CollegeCandy.
We will be watching that shiz live and sharing our (slowed due to a serious hangover) reactions with you LIVE. Join us on the site, IM us on AIM (CollegeCandy27) and share this momentous occassion with us.
We aren’t sure if Britney will indeed be performing, but we know she will there, which promises to be exciting in some way or another.
We’ll see ya tonight at 8pm EST for the pre-show. There are bound to be some ridiculous ensembles comin’ down that red carpet and we want to be there to judge them all.
[Photo courtesy of MTV. We can’t wait to see Katy Perry perform…but who is she gonna kiss?!]

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