The College Kid Dictionary

Colleges are like miniature civilizations. Many universities have very similar mannerisms, cultures and, of course, vernacular.
If you want to converse or understand what is goin’ on around you, you are going to need to learn the language. Here are some words you should get used to hearing and using for the next 4 (or more) years.
Sexile– The act of being forced to leave your dorm so your roommate can engage in a hookup/sex.
Dormcest/ Dorm Whore– When one becomes romantically/sexually involved with a student occupying the same residence hall or floor.(Note: This is some many college goers do NOT recommend, so date at your own risk)
Walk of Shame– A little trip one takes from the site of a hook-up back to their own place. This is usually done at an ungodly hour while clothes that looked cute the night before but are now wrinkled and smell like a mix of spilled PBR and Axe. Also known as Shame Walk or Sex Walk
Kegger– A party that features a keg. Unless this party is greek-endorsed, expect to pay money to get in.
PJ (Party Juice)– An alcoholic juice that can be made with various types of liquors, sodas and juices. Make sure to ask what’s in the juice before sipping, because some people like to make their pj strong (read: a whole fifth of Everclear). Also known as Jungle Juice.
Sausage Fest– A party where the guy to girl ratio is about 5:1. Unless your entire school has a ratio like this, leave soon. Also known as a Brodeo.
LUG– Lesbian Until Graduation. This the female whom you’ll find flirting with every girl at parties until she can manipulate (or intoxicate) one into going home with her for a little girl-on-girl action. She’s all for gay rights and marriage until she walks across the stage in May and begins post-college life. Years later you can find her married (to a man of course) and telling her buddies how her tendency to like girls was “just a phase.”
Sororstitute– A female whose life revolves around her membership to a greek letter organization. Upon pledging she will desert her non-greek friends for her new ones. This type of female can be spotted on campus with her fellow sororstitutes wearing some combination of Greek-lettered sweatshirts, tees, or tote bags, North Faces, boat shoes, Uggs, and bug-eyed sunglasses. (Note: I have no problem with greek letter orgs, just people who join and forget that life does exist outside of the Panhellenic Council)
Got any other words we should add to our College Language flashcards?
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