The History of Britney Spears and the VMAs (In Video)

First they said she was.
Then they said she wasn’t.
Then they said she was.
Then (annoying) Perez said she wasn’t.
So, which is it? Will Britney be performing at the VMAs this evening? Should we all tune in to watch her poorly lip sync her way back into that thriving career she once had? Should I stop doing everything else and prepare to watch her go sh*t nuts on stage?
To say that Britney Spears fell off the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down, is an understatement. She was at the top of her game until that infamous Vegas marriage; then it all seemed to unravel.
We can still remember Britney’s glory days – back when she had abs of steel and didn’t look like a hot tranny mess on stage. In honor of the possible VMA performance tonight (that we are secretly praying for), we have compiled the videos from her previous 5 VMA appearances.
She did it all: danced in a slutty outfit, danced with a snake, made-out with Madonna, totally bombed a performance….but no matter what, she always got people talking.
We just can’t wait to see what the topic is this year…

Brit at the 2000 VMAs…

...the 2001 VMAs

2003 VMAs…

theĀ  2004 Europe VMAs...

Annnd, 2007.

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