Mission Impossible: Can MTV Bring Back Britney?

After watching her win 3 Moonmen at MTV’s VMA awards last night for a song that is good but not her best by far, we here at CC are pretty confident that MTV is making it their personal mission to give Britney Spears her second comeback.
It makes perfect sense.  To MTV, Spears is like Candy Mountain – except instead of candy the mountain is full of cold, hard cash.  If she were to have a fabulous comeback, the boring and bling-obsessed music video channel would no doubt feel the full effect of her resurgence.
For your consideration, here is a “leaked” video of Spears practicing some kind of performance.  She admittedly looks fantastic, even if her dancing is slightly lacking the pop! of her 20-year-old self.  I guess we should let her off the hook, though.  She did have two kids and go crazy.  That combo must take a lot outta a person.

Britney's Back!
What do you think? Is Spears back with a vengeance? Or is MTV just kicking a very tired horse?

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