Things To Look For In A College Boyfriend

Okay, you’re however old you are. I get it. You’re not thinking about settling down.
But you want to avoid dating complete losers, right? I mean, what’s even the point?
So here are a few tips for picking out the good ones while you’re still in college. (The dating world outside your university doors? A whooooole other can of worms.) Follow ’em.
He’s Got To Have A Good Sense of Humor
Number one. Because, girls, if he’s cranky and depressive now, imagine how he’ll be in the Real World when he’s actually got Real Life responsibilities. (Read: He’ll suck.) Besides, why would you want to hang around someone who doesn’t make you laugh (or who doesn’t laugh at your jokes)?
He’s Got A Passion
If he says that his passion is you, get out fast. He better have some outside interests or else you’re in trouble. I mean, unless you like clingy men who bug the hell out of you every time you’re not near them and/or go into jealous rages. And you also want to know that he’s really dedicated to something because that shows an eagerness to make a place for himself in this world. If you want to be with a drifting loser, you might as well date the stoner-next-door. If you’re into that, cool, but I say it gets old really fast.
You Share A Lifestyle
Which is not to say you have to do the same things or act the same way or anything like that. Hey, sometimes opposites attract. But if you love to party and he’s adamantly anti-alcohol, you’ll find yourselves fighting over it all the time. There’s no way around that. Unless, of course, you compromise on something you care about and end up resenting each other. Make sure you both understand and respect the things that are important to each other.
Fixer-Uppers Can’t Be Fixed
So don’t bother with someone you think could be cool if you could just help them out with that nasty little credit problem (or whatever). People don’t change unless they want to change. Don’t bother trying.
Good Grades
Okay, this one might be iffy, but if he’s flunking out of school (unless it’s for a real legitimate reason), it probably hints at something else going on. Find out the real issue before you decide if you want to get involved. It’s not selfish to stay out of a relationship you know will end up hurting you; it’s smart.
A Good Reputation
Or at least not a bad reputation. If everyone knows this guy loves ’em and leaves ’em, it’s not worth the emotional agony of hoping that this one time he’ll stay true. (Hint: he won’t.)
Attractive Features
That is to say, features you find attractive. If you like him, you’ll find him attractive even if others don’t, and then you should go for it. If you don’t find him attractive, it’ll never work. Really.
Long Term Goals
It almost doesn’t matter what they are, you just want him to have something in mind. This shows maturity. And don’t we want maturity? I mean, maturity means having an understanding of the world and your place within it, not a total lack of a sense of humor; he should still be able to make poop jokes (see step 1).
Get it? Got it? Good. Date away!
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