Buy an iPod Nano Last Year? Sucks to Be You!

Why? Because, as usual, Steve Jobs and his cronies have released a newer, better Nano. Poor 3rd generation Nano; so short and squat. Now she’s getting overshadowed by her taller, thinner replacement.

I know how that goes.

The new Nano – built with cleaner and less toxic materials – also comes in a full rainbow of colors and is the perfect combo of portability and function (sorta like this guy). New features include longer battery life, a larger screen and the landscape view for viewing cover flow and movies.

The coolest thing about the Nano, though, is that you just have to give it a little shake to shuffle your songs. That might be the coolest thing ever. And the reason why, as usual, I will be buying another Nano.

Damn you, Steve Jobs. DAMN YOU.

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