Fashion Rocks 2008: The Classy, Sassy, & Strange

You know how everyone loves to pick apart celebrity outfits — and also listen to awesome music, perferably at the same time? Well, Fashion Rocks 2008 is the answer to your worst dressed / best song hankerings.
The night was full of sequins, Beyonce belting out Etta James and dueting with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna sporting some serious scary feathers, and the continuation of trend that is celebs using their time to fight cancer. Although not everyone hit a home run on the red carpet fashion department (I’m looking at both of you, Solange and Tyra), the night looked a hell of a lot better than say…the MTV VMAs. At least people, you know, took the time to attempt classiness.
After the jump, peruse through some of the night’s more famous faces and click on the pics to see even more…







Prepare for the Walk of Shame
Prepare for the Walk of Shame
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