Lay Off the Snurf, Kids

And this is why I don’t buy my drugs online. Or use any form of drug that sounds a lot like those little blue creatures that lived in ‘shrooms.

4 dumb high school students were rushed to the hospital (from school!) after using an herbal supplement called Snurf. What is Snurf (besides the name you give someone who farts in the bathtub) and why didn’t I know about this organic wonder-drug?

Snurf is labeled as an herbal supplement, but it is said to have similar effects to Ecstacy.

Sounds awesome, except instead of giving the kids an awesome trip, it made them all violently ill. Oh, these high school kids these days and their dabbling in drug use. Don’t they know that buying drugs online is a terrible idea? I tried to buy a Gucci bag online once and got some cheesey knock-off instead.

Looks like we are all learning some very important lessons: you can’t trust the internet for drugs or handbags. Don’t forget it!

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