Quick Poll: Spinning a Web of Lies

So you meet a guy. You think he’s cute. You’re drunk; he’s drunk. You make something up – be it your name, your history, the fact that you go to the school that you are in fact visiting…

You don’t really think it matters – it’s not like you are gonna see this kid again. But then you do. The next morning. You keep the lie going, digging yourself deeper into a hole. Why make it awkward? And how do you explain the lies, anyway?

Then it gets worse. He calls/Facebooks you. He’s actually into you and wants to see you again. WTF? What do you do? Do you tell him you lied? Do you keep the lie going? Do you attempt to come clean? If so, how do you explain it all?

So many questions.

And I need answers.

What do you think?

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