Break Out the Pom Pons – Football Season is Upon Us

With football season off and running , I’m hoping everyone reading this is as excited as I am!
(Editor’s Note: Wooo! DE-FENCE! GO TEAM!!)
Call me a tomboy, but I love me some football. I personally blame my parents for being hardcore Packer fans, and the fact that I HAD to go to every football game in high school because I was on drumline. But I’ve come up with my favorite parts of football season that everyone – even if you aren’t a sports fan – can enjoy.
1. School Spirit: Who doesn’t have it in college? There’s just something about a stadium full of thousands upon thousands of people screaming chants along with the cheerleaders that get’s everyone’s blood pumping. Everyone on campus seems to be happier on game day, especially nearing a rivalry game. And since we’re on the subject of school spirit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say HOOK ‘EM!!!!
2. The Parties: Do I really need to explain why a weekly chance to go out, drink, and get lucky is a good thing?
3. Tailgating: Now, although similar to the parties, tailgating is something all on it’s own. Getting all pumped in the parking lot with the grill and a six pack is definately my idea of a Saturday afternoon. It’s a great way to meet guys, and they tend to respond well when they realize you follow football. But if you don’t follow the games, don’t worry. As we all know, guys love to explain things. Just stand there and nod.
4. Turning Your School Colors Into a Cute Outfit: I have no problem going to games in my school shirt and jeans, but then there those girls who turn the game into a fashion contest. My school color isn’t exactly what’s considered “pretty” (burnt orange…I mean, come on!), but I’ve seen it done well. Last season I saw a girl in a maxi dress and a cowboy hat, and I get the feeling I will be seeing more of those this season.
5. If Your Team Wins Your Guy Will Be in a Much Better Mood: Seriously, perfect time to ask him to take you out. If the game goes the other way for your team, however, just get him a six pack and talk to him on Monday.
So what’s your favorite part of football season?

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