Creating the Ultimate Library Study Space

If you’re like me, you’re much more apt to study if you’re given some cute notebooks and fun colored pens. Give me a few sheets of loose-leaf and a yellow pencil and I will probably just stare at them for a while and then say “screw it,” pack up my books, and head home to do things that are more fun than studying.
Your school’s library is probably the ultimate in boring. On the one hand, this makes for few distractions, which could help you study better. Or it’s possible that this horrible under-stimulation could cause you to just fall asleep. Which is probably not a good thing when it comes to getting those chemistry problem sets done. Let’s see if we can amp up your study experience, shall we?

Tips for creating the ultimate study space at the library:

1) Pick the perfect room to study in. Chances are your school’s library has lots of choices for where you can set down your books and study. Some of the rooms will be more crowded and some might be empty. Do you study better when completely alone? You might even be able to reserve a private room for yourself. If you know you’ll just end up falling asleep if you’re sitting by yourself, try to sit in a room with other people (trust me, it’s embarrassing to start drooling on the table when someone’s sitting right next to you). Don’t sit in a computer lab if you know you’ll be distracted by the Internet.
2) Pick up a coffee or a snack before you head to the library. It’s possible your school’s library doesn’t allow food and drinks, but if they do (or just don’t check), grab something before you go. Having a large latte to sip on or a nice warm Starbucks cookie can make all the difference when you’re stuck behind your history book.
3) Bring your iPod. If you’re the kind of person who can study while listening to music, your iPod is a library necessity. There’s nothing worse than sitting in complete dead silence besides that boy three seats down who sniffles every 5 seconds and blows his nose every other minute. It’s enough to drive a person insane. Create a special study playlist with songs to motivate you.
4) Buy some fun supplies. Colored index cards. Pretty pens. Fun notebooks. Maybe you wouldn’t necessarily use these supplies to turn something into a teacher (I know. I don’t get why teachers don’t love pink and purple pens either), but as study tools, fun supplies rock.
5) Take breaks. Get up every hour and take a lap around the library. Step outside and get some fresh air. Or bring a fun magazine to entertain yourself for a bit. If you force yourself to sit and stare at your books for an entire afternoon, you’re going to burn yourself out. No matter how pretty your supplies are. Or how cute the boy sitting across from you is.
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