Ashton Kutcher’s BlahGirls: What Women…Want?

Obviously, there aren’t enough celebrity gossip sites on the Internet, and obviously, Ashton Kutcher is the guy everyone thinks of when they think “celebreality comedy gold”, so of course Kutcher and his production company (Katalyst Media) would put out a blog / website hybrid dedicated to making fun of Hollywood culture — as well as all girls everywhere.
Blahgirls is Kutcher and Co’s website; which so far includes a blog with random celebrity pictures and funny captions, as well as two animated shorts featuring the 3 “Blah Girls”; Britney, Krystle, and Tiffany.  There’s also some guy named Stewart, who’s like, totally gay and totally into celebrity culture, bitch!
Besides being not funny AT ALL, the Blahgirls webisodes are hard to understand.  What the hell is Kutcher and his team trying to lambast?  Old celeb gossip?  Gay men who talk with a lisp? Or stupid women who are so annoying and stupid all they do is care about celebrity gossip?
While I’m sure (at least I’m hope I’m sure) Ashton doesn’t think all women are stupid and annoying, his BlahGirls are in no way funny or timely enough to satirize anything, so all they end up doing is asserting stereotypes.  Why anyone would bookmark this website is beyond me, and it’s also beyond me why anyone would think to build it.  There’s nothing new here, Ashton.  Aren’t you like..26 years old?  How are you so behind the times?
Maybe this lame South Park-esque ripoff will get better.  Maybe someone will have the balls to walk up to Demi Moore’s manchild and whisper in his ear that he’s not as funny as he thinks he is.  Or maybe Blahgirls will just implode under it’s own annoyingness and disappear from the Internet on it’s own.  Whatever the case, you can bet it won’t be showing up on anyone’s radar anytime soon.
Get a clue, Kutcher.  Women are a lot smarter – and have a much better sense of humor – than you think.

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