No Way! 5 Trends I’d Never Rock

I like to think of myself as pretty fashion forward, but there are certain things I just cannot get into. They are as follows:
1. Hot Pants. After watching Katy Perry strut her girl-smooching stuff at the 2008 MTV VMAs, I couldn’t get over her outfit. While her hair and makeup was flawless, she was sporting some seriously short-shorts. Maybe it’s because my thighs would look horrendous, or maybe its because I just think shorts that look like underwear are not flattering on anyone, but hot pants are a definite no.
2. The Nicole Richie Headband. I don’t mind pushing your hair back when you need to get it out of your face, but that headband over your hair, Woodstock look that Nicole Richie and the like sport all the time, just doesn’t work for me.
3. Baggy Jeans and Heels. You can thank Katie Holmes for this one. Baggy, loose fitting jeans are for men, ladies. I’m not saying we need to wear ‘em skin tight, but the fall-off-your-hips look and saggy ass is so NOT flattering.
4. Scarves in the Summer. 100 degrees in LA and people are wearing scarves with T-shirts. I don’t get it. Scarves are for the winter peeps, leave ‘em there.
5. Gladiator Shoes. I like me a little dominatrix look, definitely, very sexy, but not when they’re over the top. Some of these shoes are just wayyyyy too much. Too much leather. Too many studs. Too high of a heel. Tone it done and let it work.
What are some trends YOU despise???
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