The Showdown: Forever 21 vs. H&M

Ah, cheap yet stylish clothes. Does it really get any better than that? Where else besides Forever 21 or H&M can you snag a $5 top on clearance, or track down a pair of really sweet wide-leg pants for less than $30?I suppose Target or Marshall’s might fall into a similar category, but I’ve always considered their clothes to be on a different level. Target is known for stocking basics over trends, and Marshall’s is known for stocking trends… from two or three seasons ago, so we’ll just leave them out of this discussion.
I have this theory: you’re either a Forever 21 person or an H&M person. You are what you are, and you can never switch over—it’s sacrilegious. If you shop at both, let’s face it: your loyalty lies with one, and you’re just cheating on it with the other. Shame on you.
I happen to be an H&M kinda girl. There – I said it. H&M is and always will be better. Is there really a competition? Not even a little bit.
Point I: Quality
Forever 21 may be cheap, but you’re only kidding yourself if you really think you’re going to wear anything you buy there for more than a year or two.
H&M’s clothes, though still admittedly not the best quality, are sturdier. I have things in my closet I bought years ago at H&M that are still holding up fine—no holes, no tears, no anything. They’re still just as brand new and shiny as they were on the day I bought them.
Point II: Trashy Factor

Forever 21 is great if you want to be a beach bunny or look like you’re fifteen years old. Hey, there’s a market for that kind of thing, so I’m not slamming it, but if you want to look chic…
…then H&M is your place. They sell casual stuff, but I’ve actually bought a lot of work clothes at H&M. They’re classy, and they’re stylish, too—but not so ultra-stylish that I won’t be able to wear them in six months when the newest trend sweeps the nation.
Point III: Style Variety
Forever 21 certainly has a lot of variety, yes, but it’s a variety of crap. You know how you sometimes spot a clearance sale that seems too good to be true, only to examine the racks and note that it’s just true because no one could possibly want anything they’re selling? Yeah, that’s Forever 21 in a nutshell.
H&M has true variety for people of all different styles. As I noted above, if I want to dress classy, I can find something there. If I want to go clubbing, I can find something there. And if I want to be moody and wear only black things with skulls on them, I can still find something there.
Case closed. I fully expect to get skewered on this one, so unleash the comments.

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