5 College Life-Savers

Now that you’re in college, people are no doubt bombarding you with their own lists of things you just HAVE to have to survive in the Narnia they call dorm-land. Some people are right on the mark with their suggestions, while grandma is entirely mistaken with her devotion to the fly swatter. Take whatever tips you want, but here are some items that definitely did save my life in college.
I know it sounds silly, but when my boyfriend and I needed privacy in my bunk, that little tapestry I’d brought was such a life saver. We just hung it up over some yarn and had our own little curtain for the bed. And then we made out in between talks of our future — that never happened — in privacy.
Smoking weed at college, should you be so illegally inclined, is a little harder than it should be. Sure, sure, it’s easy enough outside of the dorms. But when you’re in the dorms, it can be a pain in the butt. From dismantling fire alarms to trying to carefully smoke out the window while lighting incense, it’s hardly worth it. In fact, one of my besties got arrested for it her freshman year!
Instead, just learn to bake. If you need your weed fix, throw it in a brownie mix and surprise your hallmates with something awesome…and you’ll totally get away with it, too.
I have (unfortunately) experienced Athlete’s Foot before…and it blows! Make sure you have some good water-resistant flip-flops for the showers and always wear them when you’re showering! Believe me, nothing is worth Athlete’s Foot.
Whether your roomie won’t quit blasting her Michael Jackson at 8am like my first roomie did (and nothing against the king of pop or anything, but it just sucks to hear Billie Jean every freakin’ morning…) or your roomie won’t quit it with the obnoxious sex right next to you, headphones will come in handy. You’ll learn how to fall asleep cuddled up next to your ipod like it’s your job (even though I kinda doubt you’ll ever get paid for it).


I don’t care what anyone says — greasy food is the ultimate cure for a hangover. You get hangovers in college and there isn’t anything better in the morning after one of those nights out than a Bacon/Egg/Cheese Croissant. Period.

Take it or leave it, but these 5 items were life savers for me.

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