Are Politicians Really “Just Like” Us?

Sarah Palin had her first interview since joining the McCain campaign last night, and McCain himself – along with Obama – spoke in a televised “kind of” debate at almost the same time. Along with their wordy and vague answers to hard-hitting questions, the Repubs and Dems have been insisting since forever that they’re “one of” us.

A few weeks ago, the Conventions were full of politician life stories; I was once poor, I’ve had some hard times in my life, I come from a small town, I’m just a hockey mom…blah blah blah blah blaaahhh. These would-be presidents and VP’s spend hours convincing us that they understand what it’s like to have bills, to choose between a full tank of gas and certain grocery items, and to raise a family in today’s trying times.

But here’s my question: once you’ve ascended Politician status, are you still really “one of us”?

Like it or not, in today’s society, you can’t run for a big political office without having a lot of money in your pocket, a lot of important friends, major clout, and usually – a big important degree from a big important school (unless, of course, you’re Palin). You dress in the best clothes, you’ve got an entourage checking and double checking everything you say, and all those speeches you give to the American public? Mostly written by someone else. Oh yeah…and the media stalks you. Every day.

Even if these politicians grew up like some of us, are they really still in touch with what makes up the average American? Is it possible that they can remember what it feels like to walk a mile in Everyman’s shoes?

Even my mom can’t understand what it’s like to be a college student today; how is it possible that John McCain or Joe Biden remembers? Just because Sarah Palin is a mother, does that mean that she speaks for mom’s everywhere? Just because she has boobs, does that mean she immediately knows what it’s like to be a young women in say…Virgina?

Honestly, I wish politicians would stop trying to talk down to us (“I’ve been poor and in trouble like you!“) and start telling us in honest, straightforward ways how they’re going to use their position of supreme power to help us. Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin: You’re not the average American. Use that to your advantage.

What’s your opinion? Are they really like us?

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