The CC Weekly Weigh In: Wardrobe Staples

You have stuffed so much clothing into your closet that the door won’t shut. The bottom of your Ikea drawers are drooping from the weight of all your long sleeve tees shoved in there.
And you didn’t even bring everything you own to school!
Yet, no matter how much sh*t you have, you keep wearing the same three things over and over. We know how that goes; we too have that one favorite thing in our wardrobe that we just can’t stop wearing. With everything. For every occasion.
So what if it has holes in the armpits? And who cares if it is 4 years old? That is fashion perfection.
Below is a list of our writers’ favorite wardrobe items. You may want to consider adding these items to your over-stuffed closet; obviously, they are totally worth it.
Kathryn S: A fitted t-shirt my friend bought me for cat-sitting. I wear it with jeans, to the gym, as pajamas, whatever. It’s so comfortable, and for a scuzzy t-shirt, it’s quite flattering. But I should really limit myself to only wearing it 3x a week.
Alex – Cornell: There is nothing I find myself wearing day-to-day too often, but every time I go to the bar, I try to wear this black high neck top. My friends have to rip the damn thing out of my hands sometimes. I don’t even understand why I love it so much!

Elizabeth – UA Huntsville
: I always have my gray hoodie with me. It’s super comfortable and goes great over cami’s or tees.
Sara – NYU: I just cannot get rid of this lame little black tank top from Forever 21. It’s a pretty hideous shape on me, but I wear it under EVERYTHING. I have to wash it constantly because, in the fall and winter, I literally wear it almost every other day. We’ve been together for over 3 years now but it’s still my perfect layering piece. I heart you, stupid little tank top!
Elise – UCLA: A silver pendant necklace– I can leave it on 24/7 so even when I’m in sweats I at least have something classy around my neck!

Sarabeth – University of Texas
: My flip flops. I can’t help but wear them everywhere when they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! Plus they’re the fastest shoe to put on in the morning.

Marisa – High School Senior
: My go-to are my Converse sneakers. When in doubt, I slap on a pair of jeans and lace up those bad boys!
Nat – Barts and London: Okay, this is going to sound old grannyish (but well, vintage is in this season, right?) but I always wear my pashmina. It’s cheerful (ostentatiously blue!), it’s huge, it’s comfy and it’s warm. What else could you ask for?
K – NYU: My black BCBG off the shoulder top with a slit in the back. Dress it up with pumps, dress it down with shorts and flops; in any case you look like you tried. And I definitely got my money’s worth on that purchase.
Lauren – University of Michigan: A gray cardigan from H&M. That they don’t make anymore. <Weep>
Melissa – College of Westchester: My four year old ripped Guess jeans will never ever, ever not be in my wardrobe. They are so old and so holey and I still wear them to go out. I swear that they look hot though.
Olua: I have a tan Mudd messenger bag that pretty much follows me everywhere. I have adjusted almost a third of my wardrobe to match this thing.
Carly – Grinnell: I ALWAYS wear my gray skinny jeans from Old Navy. They are somehow clingy and roomy at the same time, and SO comfortable. Plus, they go with EVERYTHING ever. And if I’m classy about it, I can even wear them to work.
Kari – FSU: This smocked, floral eyelet sundress. It’s mutli-colored, so I can wear it with anything, and it’s sweat-mark reducing fabric pretty much determined that I wore it every day this summer.

Black leggings (or in the deep frigid winter, tights). Its easy, comfy and low maintenance- I just throw on any random dress or skirt, and it always seems to work.
Heather – Penn State: My go-to is definitely big, dangly earrings…I have them in every color, size, shape, etc. and my outfits aren’t complete without them.

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