CC’s Favorite Looks From Fashion Week 2008

Next to Welcome Week, NY Fashion Week is our favorite week of the year. We may actually like it more, but only because we can remember what happened/don’t feel like total hell at the end of it.What could be better than watching our favorite designers send their newest duds down the runway? And what better way to spend our days than by taking all those delectable looks and figuring out ways to make them our own?
Ooo wee! We get so excited just thinking about it.
This year’s fashion week did not dissapoint. Everyone from Nanette Lepore to The Gap pulled out all the stops and sent some brilliant looks through the tents at Bryant Park. We sifted through every last collection (yes, our lives are sad and horribly difficult) to bring you our favorites of Fashion Week 2008. Sure, actually being at the shows next to Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe would have been glamorous and awesome, but we got to do this in our PJs.
Which is how we roll.
And wouldn’t want it any other way.
Click on any picture below to get the full size image and the reasoning behind our difficult choice.

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