Easy Snack, Fast Girl

Never one to venture into the day without provisions, I’ve tried and tested a grocery cart of snacks. Really, everything from fruit leather to 100 calorie packs–I. love. to. snack.
Snacks are vital on those days that seem to never end. To help all of you get through those long, 3 class days, let me introduce the best snack I know of…a little something I invented on a whim, caught between Geology and yoga class.

It’s the Yogurt Oatmeal Smash!

What you need: 1 container of Light and Fit yogurt (flavor of choice) and 1 regular (plain) oatmeal packet.
What you do: All you gotta do is make the oatmeal like usual, and then swirl the yogurt around.  It’s sweet, yummy, and (like your mom would say) sticks to those ribs!
Don’t forget the spoon–or you’ll be looking at your snack instead of devouring it.

Energy? Check. Filling? Check. Healthy? You know it.

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