The Single (Dormroom) Life

Part of the excitement of moving up to college is meeting that awesome roommate and becoming BFF for life: you party together, study together, laugh together…stand up at each other’s weddings and throw each other baby showers down the road. It happens for some people.

And it couldn’t be further from reality for many others, which is why many students opt for the sweet, glorious single.

At Princeton, singles are rarely occupied by freshmen, but they’re the absolute hottest real estate for older, wiser sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I’m surprised by how many freshmen claim they would never want a single and then end up wishing they had one by the end of the year. Here are a few reasons why you should consider the sweet single life for next year.

Odds are your roommate will not be your BFF.

While my roommate and I didn’t have any major clashes, we were from different worlds and ended up parting ways at the end of the year without staying in touch. And this was the case for most of my friends. Don’t worry about missing out on a close friend by gettin’ your own place; your closest friends will be the people who share your interests and activities, not your sleeping space. And there’s no chance of having those worst-case scenario roommates you so often hear about. You know the ones: the guys and gals who leave moldy food under the bed, get in crying fits on the phone at 3am, want to hold wild room parties every weekend, or leave their alarms set for five in the morning and just. keep. hitting. the snooze. for hours.

Sleep and wake up on your own schedule.

Sleep at college is very important. You’ll be working furiously hard most of the time, and when you’re not, you’ll want to sleep. With a single, you can go to bed at 4am without having to work with a flashlight under the sheets because roomie wants to get to bed at nine, and you don’t have to wake up at 5am to the sound of your early-rising roomie’s alarm. Yay for your own sleep schedule!

Work without distractions.

I’ll look for any excuse not to work, and if someone else is there, I have someone to talk to and a reason to stop my Psych reading. Having a single means I have fewer ways to procrastinate. Freshman year, I had to make the long cold trek to the library; with a single, my room is always a cozy study space with all of my creature comforts around me.

You can do…private stuff.

Having a single is obviously hugely advantageous if you have a boy/girlfriend and you’d like a little private time. If you are both feeling suddenly amorous, you don’t need an elaborate system of ties on doors and the like to get the time you want. Besides that, it’s just nice to come back to a room that’s all your own. You can do all those things you wouldn’t do in front of other people (like, say, testing out one of these), with no fear of someone bursting in on you. And that’s the sweetest thing of all.

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