Tonight: SNL’s Got Phelps, Fey, and Obama

These days, Saturday Night Live is a total grab bag.  Chances are, most of what you’ll see will be too long and not really funny, but every once in a while, they figure out how to make a sketch reminiscent of SNL in it’s early 90’s heyday.

Tonight, SNL is back with it’s first episode of the season, and all fingers are crossed that they’ll come back with a bang.  I mean, they’ve got Michael Phelps hosting (who’s sure to be stiff and awkward), Tina Fey might just make our dreams come true with a Sarah Palin impression, and sources are saying that Obama will indeed make an appearance (probably also acting stiff and awkward).

In case you don’t have a rager to go to tonight — or it’s so lame you come home early, check out SNL and report back to us.  Let us know if it was funny, or Jimmy Fallen stupid.

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