Style Idol: Rihanna’s Got the Look

Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of looking good is flaunting their (or sometimes in their cases, their stylist’s) totally awesome fashion sense. Each week, I will be highlighting my Style Idol of the week: a celebrity who consistently shows keen fashion sense and whose closet I would raid in a heartbeat.
Of course, no celebs are immune to the occasional “what the hell were they thinking?” moment, but for the most part, these celebs look foxy and fabulous and inspire us all to do the same.
My Style Idol of the week is someone who is one of the most popular young faces in Hollywood/the music scene right now. She does a great job of playing up her personality and youth whether she is heading to a red carpet event, or just hangin’ out.
Okay, so I’ll admit: it bugs me that Rihanna is one of the biggest pop singers in the world when (in my humble opinion) she can’t even sing, but I cannot deny that the girl’s got great style. Admittedly, she does have occasional snafus, but overall she does a great job of putting together fun, funky and age-appropriate outfits. She’s a trend-setter and is great at picking out clothes that work well for her body type.
Whether glamming it up at awards shows or out and about with her “good friend,” Chris Brown, she’s constantly snapped looking hot as hell and flaunting her unique and eye-catching style. Not only does she change it up with bright colors and intriguing cuts, she’s also ahead of the curve when it comes to hair, make-up and nail trends.
No matter what, you can’t deny that Rihanna has an individual style that she owns and flaunts and that’s what being fashionable is all about.

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