The Hills: Holly Tears Up Hollywood

Tonight’s episode of The Hills was similar to one they have at least once a season. You know – nothing happens, but the episode is still necessary to begin building up the drama that will come next week. It’s OK, though; the episode wasn’t a total loss:
Heidi finally admitted to spreading the sex tape rumor!
“I said things out of anger that I didn’t mean.”
We got you, Montag. I knew it was you all along. Obviously, I know that evil Spencer coerced you into doing it, but I could always tell you were lying about having no part in it (which was difficult considering the fact that your face doesn’t move anymore, and, therefore, your “expressions” are hard to read).
This episode also informed us that somehow Heidi, Holly and Lauren were total bffs back in the day. I love hearing about this now, 4 years later; where the hell has dear old Holly been for the last couple years? I mean, we even went to the Montag mountain house and she was nowhere to be found. Looks like someone else is hopping on the Lauren Conrad gravy train. She tells Heidi that she’s hanging out with LC “for her,” but we all know it is for a little spending cash courtesy of MTV so she can get off of Spencer’s couch.
The happy ending in all of this (at least for this 22 minute episode) is that Lauren and Audrina are finally good again. And Lauren is being really supportive of Audrina, even going to her work party. Which was really just 10 people waving their hands in the air for some sweaty dude singing, but whatever! Lauren was there! And Audrina’s boss thought she did a good job! Yay!
Too bad Justin Bobby didn’t show. I had high hopes for that boy ever since he got his haircut and stopped smelling his armpits in public, but he messed up again and totally ditched the “party.” Maybe he doesn’t like that his lady is back with her friends. Maybe he liked it better when he had her all to himself. Or maybe he was just home waxing his bike/washing his hair.
The episode ended with a nice little back and forth of Lauren and Heidi kinda, sorta saying they miss each other. If you look really closely (I think HD is required), you can almost see some tears welling up in Heidi’s eyes. Almost. I guess she’s not all plastic after all. The girl may actually have feelings.
Brains? No.
Good taste in men? Not a chance.
But I do think she may be missing her old BF, LC. That or one of her boobs popped.

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