Wedding Bells for Jennifer Hudson!

It is no secret that we l-o-v-e Jennifer Hudson. We’d scream it from the rooftops if we weren’t too lazy to climb all the way up there. We were already super stoked for the girl and her debut album coming out in a few weeks, but now we have even more to be excited about:
Ms. Hudson is about to become Mrs. Jennifer Hudson Otunga! (She’s engaged, for everyone who missed that.)
There is nothing quite like being in love, so we are so happy for our pal, Jennifer. Her husband-to-be, David Otunga is hot, smart (a Harvard Law School grad) and has some fine taste in engagement rings. His previous taste in women is a tad questionable (I Love New York? Really?!), but he has clearly learned from his mistakes and traded up to the beautiful, talented Jennifer Hudson.
This woman proves that you can really have it all: looks, talent, a successful career and a worthwhile relationship (even if guy happened to be on one of the worst reality shows…ever).
You go girl.

Making Cents from the Candidates’ Tax Plans
Making Cents from the Candidates’ Tax Plans
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