The Project Runway Rundown: College Grads and Pocket Squares

Last night’s episode of Project Runway was strange without Blayne. No “icious,” no hot pink sweatshirts… I felt bad that he had to leave, but I know he is happily lying in a tanning bed somewhere, soaking up the artificial rays.
We are down to six designers now, but only one of them really has any talent: Korto. The rest are just sorta coasting by with their crappy designs, poor quality and total lack of a fashion sense. And that couldn’t have been more obvious than in last night’s challenge.
The challenge was actually an interesting one that we can all connect to. The designers were to create a look for recent college graduates who were heading out into the working world. Oh, and their moms were coming to stir things up a bit.
As I watched the designers attempt to appease both mother and daughter (or in the case of Anna, drag queen and daughter…seriously, did you HEAR HER TALK!?), I tried to imagine how it would go if my mother and I were part of the episode.
“I like black, white, and gray. I like classic lines, but very trendy looks.” I would tell the designer.
“What about this bright orange and yellow swirly pattern? Or these culottes?! HOW CUTE IS THIS LEOPARD SKIRT?!” My mother would react. And then she would somehow guilt the designer into making what she wants me to wear, which she has been doing to me since I was 4.
Anyways, anyone with half a brain would know that the most important part of designing something for the job hunt/a new job is to consider the girl and the field she is going into.
And clearly Joe missed that memo.
He created a boring business suit…for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER. The girl was fun, funky, and really cool, and he put her in a freaking suit!? I get where he was coming from – wanting her to look profesh – but the whole challenge (especially when he described a pin stripe suit as “sharp”) just proved how out of touch this dude is with fashion. How the hell did he get this far?
And Suede? Um, 1972 called; they want their pattern/bell sleeves back. I felt so bad for his girl; either she had to pretend to like that mess of an outfit (which sucks), or she actually did like it (which is just unfortunate).
The only people who really nailed this challenge were Jerell and Korto. Their models looked awesome when they were done with the makeover, and you could tell it was the first time they’d ever felt that beautiful. Kenley did alright…if you want to wear a cheap Jessica McClintock dress to your new job, but don’t tell her I said that cuz that girl is caraaaazy.
Jerell ended up winning the challenge, which meant he and his model (and his birds nest hat) got to be shot for Elle magazine. The bottom two were, shocker of all shockers, Joe and Suede. This may have been the most difficult decision all season – I’d send em both home – but the judges decided it was finally time to send Joe packing. I’m sure they did it based on his craptastic designs, but also because they didn’t want to lose Suede and his third person proclamations.

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