Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Gaga for Gingham

First we did plaid – now we’re going gaga for gingham. I feel like I should be back in an episode of Saved by the Bell when all of these 90’s styles were splashed across the pages of magazines and donned by our favorite celebs.
“For REALZ?” I thought when I saw this print again, running down to the basement to pull out my platform gym shoes, pogs and devil sticks.
But then I looked again. And I started to get used to it.
And I looked again. And I sorta fell in love.
Sure, the print is a little early 90’s, but the updated version is tailored and flattering, which is still light years better than that maternity crap we were stuck wearing for 2 years.
So this week I, your personal shopper, bring you:

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Gaga for Gingham – 10 years later!

This dress, only $48 at Urban Outfitters is a really simple way to rock this pattern. And don’t let the summery look fool you; throw a sweater over this (or even a shirt under it!) and you could sport this frock right into winter. (Click on the pic to buy it!)

For a completely different look, there is also this dress from Forever 21. You can wear this one to class or work, or take the buttons down a bit for a sexy evening alternative. The cut is ultra flattering on all body shapes and totally versatile. You could wear this dress with anything! It is a more-fun version of the little black dress.

The best thing about this look is you can dress it up or down: pair with tights and pumps for the party scene, like these adorable and affordable Mary Janes. Or follow LC’s lead and throw on some flats for class. These wedged flats in black would go perfectly.
It’s an all around dress – work, school, out to dinner… So, forget that gingham made its original appearance on Little House on the Prairie; this new take on the old pattern is fresh and fabulous.

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