SATC For ‘Tweens: The Carrie Diaires

Even though we at CC love a good sexy series, the mother of all sexy series, Sex and the City, is not the sort of show we’d want our 12-year-old sister watching. I mean, sipping a Cosmo and watching Samantha bed guy after guy is fun, but we’re in our 20‘s; we understand that sort of thing is a fantasy (well, most of us do). We get the idea that SATC is a fun escape, but in no way represents real single women living in real New York City.
But our 12-year-old sister might not understand that materialistic banter and wildly frequent sex is the making of entertainment. Our 12-year-old sister might think those are really things to aspire to. And we wouldn’t want that.

So why, may I ask, has HarperCollins asked Candace Bushnell to pen a new seires of Young Adult novels? Are The Carrie Diaries, reportedly about Carrie’s high school years, just an attempt to get a new, younger audience into SATC? Are tweens really ready for couture and an obsession with relationships that boarders on psychotic? I mean, maybe Bushnell will break the mold and write about something other than New York City, designer labels, and women chasing after men…but forgive us if we have our doubts on that one.
What do you think? If The Carrie Diaires come out, would you want the little girls you love to read it?

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