The Best and Worst: Class Snacks

We all get the munchies from time to time. No, not just the “It’s 2 AM on a Friday, I’m seven drinks deep, how much does that pizza cost?” munchies, I’m talking about the “It’s 8 AM on a Tuesday and everyone in my lecture hall just looked at my stomach because it made a noise reminiscent of the MGM Lion” munchies.
So, how do you feed the in-class hunger? You’re in college, so no one is going to reprimand you for eating, but that doesn’t mean you should go buckwild and order pizza to the lecture hall, Spicoli-style.
Here are the best and worst snacks for those mid-class munchies.


Cereal Bars, protein bars, PowerBars, you know, the edible bars that don’t serve alcohol: These are lightweight, filling and easy for on-the-go. If you have a long day of classes, throw a couple of these suckers in your bag and you should be set for the day. If you’re heading to the dead silent section of your library, stay away from the extra-crunchy bars, as you might receive dirty looks from people trying to study.
Nuts!: Almonds, peanuts, cashews, whatever your nut of choice is, throw a handful in a baggie and bring ’em! They’re great protein and fill you up, fast.
Bananas: If this snack isn’t annihilated courtesy of your twenty pound Calculus book, bananas are one of the best mid-class snacks. Sure, you might look a little ridiculous eating it, but bananas are quiet and not stinky, two very irritating factors of the “in class snack.”


Apples: Okay, so this fruit might look super academic, but it is absolutely the most irritating snack in class. Yes, apples have lots of awesome vitamins and fruit is great and blah blah blah, but please, consider the people sitting in front of you. I had a pre-law class last year and every day of the entire semester, some chick who sat behind me, consumed a Red Delicious apple. I have Vietnam-esque flashbacks whenever I hear the crunch of an apple.
Cheetos: So much wrongness. There is absolutely nothing beneficial about cheetos, especially when they’re paired with Britney Spears or a 8:00 Business Calculus class.
Salads: Why do people think this is an acceptable class food? Yes, salads are great and awesome for in your apartment and the dining hall, but in the middle of a class? They’re loud and ninety percent of salad dressings reek like gym socks to anyone who’s not eating. Save the caeser salad for after the lecture on the extinction of polar bears.
What have your worst in-class food experiences been? Any suggestions for non-irritating munchies?

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