The CC Weekly Weigh In: Jose’s On Our Minds

It’s amazing the things that inspire memories and thoughts. The smell of stale beer with a hint of garbage reminds me of my neighbor boys in college. “Kanye’s Workout Plan” reminds me of dance parties in my living room. Chinese food always reminds me of the man who masturbated outside my window while I ate dinner with my roommates.
And Jose? He doesn’t remind me of much, except nights I can’t remember.
Every week we ask our fantastic writers to weigh in on a variety of things. This week, we decided to play a little word association game. What three memories/thoughts/ideas come to mind when they hear the word Jose?
I’ll give you a hint… it involves a toilet. Or a sock drawer, for the truly unfortunate.

Alex – Cornell
: Burrito, salsa dancer, sweat
Kelly – UMass: Tacos, Cuervo, Mustache
Lauren – University of Michigan: Body shots, mistakes, and the worst. hangovers. ever.
Elizabeth – UA Huntsville: Cuervo, goldfish (I have no idea), Monterey Jack
S.E.: Sandwich Man, Bronx, Beer Pong

Sarabeth – University of Texas:
Cuervo, Cinco de Mayo, and my friend’s ex we called Sexy-Mexi
K – NYU: Bad decisions, Limes, Sombrero
Noa – CU Boulder: The best taco man in Colorado, salt and something I never want to drink again

Victoria W
: Vomit, Worm, Ex-boyfriend

Gemma Wilson:

Melissa – College of Westchester
: Cuervo, makeout, blackout (in that order).

Tequila, Señor Frogs, the Cancun spring break trip I hardly remember

Jill – University of Wisconsin
: Mustache, I want a burrito, spring break. But seriously; I want a burrito.
J – NYU: Guy in sombrero, shots, throwing up
Jessica T. – Columbia University: Cuervo, shots and vomit.

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