They Say Your Twenties Are The Hardest…

Remember when we were in high school and our teachers and parents told us that we’d better get ready for the ‘real world’? Maybe you didn’t hear these words of advice (which always seemed more like a threat) as much as I did, but I know I wasn’t the only one out there being warned of how hard my twenties would be. Across the board, particularly from older friends, I kept hearing horror story after horror story about the ‘terrible 20’s’.
But you know what?  I disagree with those stories.
I think life is what you make it. I think that if you want to be happy, you will find a way to be happy. I think that if you’re meant to be in college, you will study hard and learn and enjoy it along the way.
I’m 24 and my twenties have been my favorite part of my life so far. Granted, I’m constantly trying to have the best time of my life, so I’ll probably be bouncing off the same sentiments when I’m 40, too…but what’s wrong with that?
There are some things about being a twenty-something that have hit me hard. For example:
Unlike a lot of my friends, I had to work 2 jobs through college.
I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night while in college.
I spent my freshman year literally starving because I didn’t have any money.
Since college, I have lost jobs.
I have lost roommates.
I have lost childhood best friends.
I have been betrayed by people I thought were my friends.
I have had to take out loans.
I have had my heart broken. Repeatedly.
I have been sick and learned to deal with it without health insurance.
On the other hand, the great things about my twenties have totally outweighed those negative things.
I have learned the value of a good work ethic.
I have learned to value sleep, now that I have it.
I have learned to appreciate food, now that I can afford it.
I have learned to be grateful for my job.
I’ve learned to love my roommates.
I have made some new best friends that have changed my life.
I have maintained my loyalty to my friends, despite how it’s burned me in the past.
I have taken pride in my ability to pay back my loans.
I have learned to heal a broken heart. Repeatedly.
I have learned to take care of myself.
In conclusion, I’ve been having a blast. Sure, things haven’t been handed to me on a silver platter the last six years, but it’s all been part of the process. Over all, even during the hard times, I have had a blast and I have never stopped appreciating my freedom.
Your twenties will likely challenge and push you, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
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