Emmy Fashion 2008 – The Best of the Best

There is nothing better than a Sunday evening with french fries, Franzia and fashion. The Emmy Awards are on right now and they are…meh. The opening scene sorta blew (except for Heidi Klum’s sparkly unitard…that she looked HOT in), the rest is a bit boring, and my Franzia hangover is already kicking in.
But the red carpet fashion was some of the best I’ve seen in years. Seriously, I can’t even think of one dress that I didn’t totally love. Well, maybe one, but that is for a whole other post.
As I walked past a mirror on my way to the bathroom and caught my reflection – sorority butt pants, a stained t-shirt and super greasy hair – I couldn’t help but imagine what I would look like in any of the following gowns.
Not that I will ever walk a red carpet…or get to wear a Nanette Lepore gown…or drink any wine that doesn’t come in a box, but a girl can dream.
Click on the image to get a full look at the gowns and find out why we fell head over Louboutin-heels in love.

Overheard On Campus: “Freshmen?!”
Overheard On Campus: “Freshmen?!”
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