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The Emmy Awards Are on Tonight – Which Show is Best?


So, the Emmy’s are on tonight? I had no idea! I guess I should stop fast forwarding through the commercials on my DVR and watch some live TV for once.

Everyone else in the world is probably super geeked to see who wears what down the red carpet, but we are more interested in seeing what kind of crazy sh*t Tyra Banks does. (Editor’s Note: That bitch is crazy.)

And if Alec Baldwin finally gets that Emmy he so blatantly deserves. (Seriously? Is Monk really that good of a show? Why does Tony Shalhoub keep freaking winning!?)

And, ok, we also can’t wait to see the good and bad on the red carpet. We actually kinda live for that stuff.

The show is gonna be a bit different this year; there will be no main host (even though we were totes rooting for Joel McHale) and instead they are rounding up their nominees for best Reality Show Host to run the show. What happens when Heidi Klum and Howie Mandell work together? I guess we’ll find out.

But enough about all that; we want to know who is gonna win! (But only in the comedy competitions cuz we don’t really watch any of that other stuff.) The CollegeCandy team is definitely on team 30 Rock, and we will be eating our popcorn, drinking our beer and pumping our fists for Tina Fey all night long.

What about you? Which show do you think the funniest on TV?