It’s On: Jeremy Piven Vs. Josh Groban

We spent so much time checking out the fashion from last night’s Emmy Awards that we almost forgot about da boys. And boy did they look goooooood.
There were the usual drool-worthy dudes – John Stewart, David Boreanaz, Adrien Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, (and hottie newcomer John Hamm) – and then there were the surprises. The guys who were always so-so, but somehow looked so good last night that we wanted to hump the flat screen.
My favorite: Jeremy Piven.
Second Best: Josh (normally nerdy) Groban.
I don’t know if it was Piven’s 5 o’clock shadow or Groban’s charming little smile, but these guys looked really f–ing good. Better than the rest. Yes, even John Krasinski.
Which sexy celeb did you prefer?
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