The Breakup I Didn’t Know About

Listen clearly: I don’t want this to discourage you girls in LDRs or in any relationship for that matter, but something happened to me that is absolutely mortifying and humiliating and just unbelievable.
I’m the girl that was in an on-and-off relationship with a guy for eight years. Eight years. Eight long years of ups and downs, break ups, makeup sex, happy times, sad times, etc. He was my best friend. This year things changed a bit; I started college and he moved across the country. But we knew we’d be ok; we lasted this long didn’t we?
Before I left for school I visited him for three wonderful weeks. It was all lovey dovey and perfect. He was constantly telling me tat he loved me like he has for eight years, and we were going to get married, and blah blah blah.
When I got to college (about a month ago), I realized how much I disliked the school and told him how I wanted to go to New York next semester. He was really supportive and reminded me I could always transfer out there. Awww.
And then I didn’t hear from him for a few days. And then a few more days went on without contact. So I started to freak out. When I finally got a hold of him he told me we were fine, he missed me and loved me, and not to worry. So I didn’t; I figured we were back to normal.
But apparently we weren’t. No phone calls, no texts. He didn’t answer my calls or my texts. I was being ignored. I sent a long text explaining that he should want to talk to me because I was his girlfriend, and we needed to talk things out. I told him how I wasn’t mad (even though I was furious), and I just wanted to talk to my boyfriend. No answer. I got drunk (great solution to everything, eh?) and ended up calling fifteen times and sending four texts (according to my call log). Again, no answer.
I rarely get on Facebook chat, but I did on Tuesday night. This girl from my high school who goes to the same university as my boyfriend ex-boyfriend struck up a conversation with me. She asked if I was still dating the boy and went on to tell me about an interaction she had had with him:
He messaged her because she added him as her friend, and he didn’t know how he met her. She said that they had met at a party, he called her fresh meat, which wasn’t funny, and that she knew his girlfriend (ME.).
His reply: haha omg sorry that’s not funny but I am single.
My boyfriend broke up with me and DIDN’T. TELL. ME. Who does that? Who, after 8 years, is such a coward they can’t even be honest and up front? He told other people, but not me? And I had to find out via Facebook?
I have so many emotions running through me right now: anger, sadness, disbelief, embarassment. And it doesn’t help that I am at a school I don’t like without the comforts of my family and friends around me. I don’t know how to deal.
If you have any advice for me, I would truly appreciate it.
And please, don’t get discouraged if you’re in an LDR. Like I said before, I’m sure your boyfriends aren’t complete scum. And I’m sure there aren’t many guys who would leave it to Mark Zuckerberg to do their dirty work.

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Emmy Fashion 2008 – The Best of the Best
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